HP ENVY 4511 Driver & Software Download

Download HP ENVY 4511 Driver Software for your Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS.

HP ENVY 4511

HP ENVY 4511 Driver & Software For Windows 10, 8, 8.1 – Download (149 MB)

HP ENVY 4511 Driver & Software For Windows 7 – Download (149 MB)

HP ENVY 4511 Driver & Software For Windows XP & Vista – Download (149 MB)

HP ENVY 4511 Driver & Software For Mac OS – Download (8.3 MB)

Download HP ENVY 4511 Driver & Software From HP Website

Many people choose HP ENVY 4511 because it works great. If you want to print your file and photo in the high-quality result, then you should choose this printer. Moreover, the ink/toner cartridge is affordable and you can find it everywhere! However, before you find out how amazing this printer is, you need to know how to install HP ENVY 4511 first.

How to Install HP ENVY 4511 Driver by Using Setup File or Without CD or DVD Driver

You want to install the driver but you don’t have CD or DVD driver, what should you do? You still able to install and use HP ENVY 4511 printer. You just need to follow our steps to install it without CD or DVD driver.

  • First, you need to download the setup file of this driver. You just have to click the recommended link that we provide to you.
  • After the setup file is ready, you have to run it. It means that you need to open the installation wizard to run the setup file. There are some instructions that you need to follow there. Follow all of the steps until the process is finished.
  • You have to connect the cable to your PC and HP ENVY 4511 printer. But you can skip this step if there is no instruction to do so.
  • And then, you need to wait for a while and there will be the connection of the printer to your PC.
  • You need to input all of the values to finish the installment process.

How to Check If Printer is Connected to Computer or Not

You have to check whether HP ENVY 4511 printer is connected or not. There are some steps to check it. Those steps are:

  • Restart all the devices first such as your PC, printer, and the router.
  • Go to control panel and click ‘Printer’
  • Click ‘Wireless Network’ and print the test report.
  • The printing process will be triggered by this action and you can get the report. If you have a printing paper, it means that your printer is successfully connected to your PC.
  • You can use the printer to print various files and photos

How to Check If Printer is Working or Not

Besides checking if the printer is connected or not, you need to check whether HP ENVY 4511 printer is working or not. The best solution is to print a test page. Follow the steps below:

  • Turn on the printer by pressing the power button first
  • Connect the HP ENVY 4511 printer to your PC
  • Load the papers into the printer
  • Go to Windows button and click ‘Control Panel’
  • Go to ‘View Devices and Printers’ and right click on your printer.
  • Click ‘Select Properties’
  • Select ‘Print Test Page’
  • If it is working, then HP ENVY 4511 printer will print the page right away

How to Install HP ENVY 4511 Driver by Using CD or DVD Driver

Many people, especially HP ENVY 4511 users prefer to install the driver by using CD or DVD driver. The steps are easier and faster. So, if you have CD or DVD driver too, it’s better to install the driver by using either one of them. Just follow the instructions below:

  • Check if you have the right CD or DVD driver for the chosen printer
  • Put in the CD drive to your PC
  • Wait for a while for the running process
  • The setup file needs to be executed and you need to follow the installation wizard
  • Follow every step that appears on the screen until the installation process is finished
  • Connect USB cable between the printer and your PC
  • Wait for few seconds until your PC detect the printer
  • Continue the installation process and input all value to the wizard

How to Uninstall HP ENVY 4511 Driver

If the printer is not working after you follow the steps above, then you need to uninstall it to remove the printer driver files from your PC. Check out the steps below:

  • Click Start and go to Control Panel
  • Choose Printer and Faxes
  • Click the File menu and click ‘Server Properties’
  • Choose the Drivers tab
  • Click the printer driver file that you want to uninstall
  • Click ‘Remove’
  • Click ‘Remove driver and driver package’
  • Press Enter

If those steps don’t work, you may follow these steps:

  • Go to Programs and Features and you can check the program that related to the HP ENVY 4511 printer driver. If you found them, you can remove them right away
  • Select Device and Printers. If the files are still present, you have to remove them
  • Right-click the files and click ‘Remove device’

Those are some steps you need to follow regarding HP ENVY 4511 printer. The steps are simple and easy to follow. If the link that we provide is not working, you can call us. Check the Contact Page.